Limbs Capital Co., Ltd.

We are providing services to meet diverse customer needs while utilizing domestic and international networks and services. We have expanded our business by connecting our hard services such as architecture and real estate to our soft services such as finance, distribution of consumer goods and web design.


Real estate specific joint venture

Real estate specific joint venture that connects local areas and people

Local creation Business

Regional revitalization business

Global Real Estate Transaction and Property Development

Real estate transaction, Resale of rehabilitated property, Property development and Brokerage

Agricultural Diversification Business

Arrangement and consulting of commercialization utilizing agricultural diversification / Commercial facility development

Specialized Trading Business
/ Distributor

Providing products to governmental officials ‘family members’ through web site “M-life” (support planning for local governments) Providing products to welfare programs for private enterprises, development of sales channels and product development consulting

Web Design,
Web System Consulting

Web consulting, branding and design, producing and maintenance of websites, SEO measurement, application development and system development



・M&A deal with a specialized trading company
・M&A deal with a liquor distributor
・Business succession of a health food production and distributor
・Investment into an agricultural diversification project in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture
・Investment and partnership with a solar power development project
・Business matching between Japanese companies & Chinese companies
・Investment into a real estate development
・Venture capital investment
・U.S. Real Estate Investment Business
・Sponsor service for companies expanding business into the Philippines